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Agitating Hot Tanks
Since 1982 AXE Equipment has been manufacturing agitating hot tanks for customers Worldwide. All our tanks come completely insulated for high heat retention, and all tanks our designed with reinforced channels to eliminate any bulging . The agitation system is an endless cycle that propels the heated solution down an agitation trough for a high turbulent agitation that produces great cleaning results.  AXE Equipment offers offers several models of Agitating Hot Tanks with capacities from 100 gallons to 1200 gallons. Custom Tanks are Available on Request.  
Optional accessories include baskets with lift bars, small parts baskets, and side mounted hoists.  

Model AT-10  (100 Gallons)  
24" x 36"x 20" Capacity 

  Model AT-20  (200 Gallons   30 "x 48"x 24" Capacity
  Model AT-25 (250 gallons     30 "x 48"x 30" Capacity 

Model AT-35  (350 Gallons ) 
36" x 60"x 30" Capacity 

Model AT-85  (850 Gallons ) 
36" x 120"x 30" Capacity 

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