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AT-10 Agitating Hot Tank 

Our popular AT-10 agitating hot tank is perfect for cleaning engines blocks, cylinder heads, oil pans, and many, many other cleaning related items. Our exclusive impeller design creates remarkable agitation. Combine the agitation with high temperatures and you have a great cleaner at an affordable price. AT-10 is completely insulated for great heat retention. Includes a 110 volt electric motor for driving the agitating impeller, and a 5000 watt 220 volt single phase heater. (gas not available in this size) 

AT-10 hold 100 gallons of water. Its inside dimension are
 24"W X 36"L  with a 16" solution depth. Will completely submerge most any passenger car, high performance  or light duty truck applications 
AT-10 agitation is achieved with an
 all steel belt driven impeller and a commercial grade 1 hp motor. Twin heavy duty 7/8" pillow block bearings keeps the impeller turning smoothly for long lasting and dependable service.  
AT-10 uses a heavy duty all steel construction grate made from 1/2" rod and 1/4" X 3/4" flat. This hefty construction will allow up to 500 lbs of weight. Parts can be placed directly on the grate or in the basket. Grate is positioned well above the heater and sludge area for a productive process.  

AT-10 includes a thermostatically controlled 5000 watt 240 volt single phase heater.  Temperature range can be dialed up to 250 degrees F.    
Standard Equipment includes a 
22" x 34" x 8" heavy duty Basket with a lift bar. H-10 Hoist is optional.

Mechanical H-10 Optional hoist will swivel 360 degrees and is ideal for loading and unloading blocks and other heavy objects in and out of the hot tank.       
Optional 8 x 12 x 12 heavy duty parts basket attaches to the inside of the tank. ideal for cleaning small parts.