AT-20 & AT-25 Agitating Hot Tank 

The AT-20 & AT-25 is perfect for cleaning passenger car and light duty diesel engine blocks, cylinder heads, oil pans, and many, many other cleaning related items. Our exclusive impeller design creates remarkable agitation for remarkable cleaning results. Combine the agitation with high temperatures and you have a great cleaner at an affordable price. Like all AXE Equipment Hot Tanks The AT-20 & AT-25 are completely insulated for great heat retention and energy efficiency. Available in Gas or Electric heat. For operator convenience these high quality hot tanks use a spring loaded lid for ease of loading and unloading parts.  

The difference between the AT-20 and At-25 is the depth of the solution. 

AT-20  holds 200  gallons of water. Its inside dimensions are 30"W X 48"L  with a 21" solution depth. 

AT-25  holds 250 gallons of water. Its inside dimension are 30"W X 48"L with a deeper 27" solution depth. 

Both models use a heavy duty all steel construction grate made from 9/16" rod and a beefy 1/4" X 3/4" flat bar. This hefty duty grate is positioned well above the sludge area and will hold up to 1000 lbs of weight. 

All AXE Equipment Agitating Hot Tanks use a spring loaded lid for ease of loading and unloading parts. 
AT-20 & AT-25 agitation is achieved with an all steel belt driven impeller and a commercial grade 1 hp motor. Twin heavy duty 1.125"  (inch and one eight) pillow block bearings keeps the impeller turning smoothly for long lasting and dependable service.  
All AXE Agitating Hot Tanks are designed with a 
V-bottom floor for easy clean out. Solution Agitation is achieved by water being drawn down through the the grate (red arrow) and into the pump tank; the heavy duty impeller that is attached to the electric motor then pushes the water down and out of a trough (yellow arrows) in the bottom for amazing results.
AT-25 Electric Heat 
AT-25 Gas Heat
AT-25 Electric Heat 
If gas heat is your preference you will like our exclusive thermostatically controlled state of the art power gas burners. Our power gas burner design puts all the components outside the fire box and away from heat. Includes a heavy duty cover for keeping all the components clean, and dry making service and maintenance much easier.  

All AXE Agitating Hot Tanks include thermal overloads for motor protection, and circuit breakers for short circuit protection. These bullet proof fully protected electrical systems insure long life for your motors,switches, and heating system .
Heavy duty optional baskets with lift bars are available. 

#B-28 BASKET: 22" X 28" X 8" DEEP 

#B-34 BASKET: 22 X 34" X 8" DEEP