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The Terminator Series 
Spraywasher/Hot Tank 

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Both Terminator models sport a spacious 24" diameter heavy duty turntable, and can be purchased with a 32" vertical height or a taller 44" vertical height.  The tall 44" vertical capacity and 24” diameter roll out turntable will accommodate most passenger and light truck applications, including straight six and big blocks, and with its 44" vertical height many industrial and agricultural heads will also fit such as the cummins ISX  and may others
The Sw-2044 has two built in hot tank sizes available.  The SW-2044-OS Model has a 12” x 24” x 11” hot tank size and the SW-20-HT Model has a 21” x 30” x 11” hot tank size. This unique design offers additional cleaning features and it makes cleanout easy with its wide open reservoirs.  Both Models are available in gas or electric heat.  
 Automotive Style Adjustable clamping head rack fixture secures and positions cylinder heads, intake manifolds, oil pans, and other parts for a fast and thorough cleaning.     

Model SW-2444
With Cummins ISX 
Model SW-2432
All AXE machines come equipped with a low water controller that will turn the power off to the heat source in the event of a low water condition. This added feature saves you money and down time by eliminating the cost and  early replacement of the heater
Heavy duty lay down door and roll out turntable allows easy access for loading and unloading. Plus excess chemicals and rinse water will return to the reservoir, keeping your work area clean, dry, and safe. 
Spraychamber designed with full 360 degree 1.50" diameter water manifold system. Manifold includes radius style elbows and 23 staggered spray nozzles for smooth, high flowing, pressurized water volume. Couple this feature with a direct drive gear driven turntable, a 5 hp pump, and high efficiency heating system, and you have the best Damn Spraywasher money can buy.  
All AXE Spraywashers include a fully protected electrical system to insure long life for your motors,switches, and heat system.
AXE machines include a programmable 7 day timer for the heat source and a Digital 
Temperature controller for monitoring the heat.  
Digital Temp controller mounted on face of electric box
 The Terminator models come complete with 2 styles of removeable head racks, both are adjustable. Both are removeable. 
Agricultural Style Adjustable head rack fixture secures and positions cylinder heads for cleaning. Rollout Turntable and Cart rolls 100% out of the spraychamber for easy loading and unloading .     

Gear driven turntable with spring loaded safety clutch engages in turntable that guarantees consistent turntable rotation within the spraychamber for a complete cleaning job.  
The SW-2444 includes a filter basket in the front where all the water flows through. This handy design captures gasket materials pins, clips, and many other foreign objects saving many hours of clean out time in the main tank, and eliminates clogging up the spray nozzles for increased efficiency. This design also acts as a hot tank for soaking items prior to spray washing. 
   HT MODEL 21" X 35" X 11" 
OS MODEL 9" X 30" X 11" 
To insure operator safety All AXE Equipment washers use door safety switches that will shut the pump off automatically in the event the door is opened with the pump running and, to keep all your AXE Equipment electrical circuits dry and working properly  liquid tight conduit is used. 
Optional OS-111 enclosed Oil skimmer wih with removable cover can remove up to 2 quarts per hour, Includes a 11” High Temperature, High Density, Polyethylene Disk
​with replaceable Wiper Blades 
110 volt Drive Motor is powered by the 7 day timer inside the main electrical box. 
To keep the heat inside the cabinet AXE Equipment 
includes a metal top enclosure for all its optional OS-111 oil skimmers.  
The Terminator SW2444 series uses a smooth and easy  Mechanical door lock system for opening and closing the taller 44" door. 
Built In Hot Tank Included 
44"  &  32" Vertical Sizes
 Two Vertical Sizes to Choose From