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Water Recycling Rinse Booths
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“The best and most inexpensive solution for parts rinsing and recycling hazardous waste rinse water.”
With an AXE Water Recycling Rinse Booth, you can overcome the risk of exposure to EPA violations and keep the shop cleaner and more efficient. When rinsing in one of the AXE Water Recycling Rinse Booths you can contain your rinse water inside the reservoir of the rinse booth, and when needed simply recycle the dirty rinse back to your spraywasher or hot tank for use as make up water.   
Equipped inside the Water Recycling Rinse Booths is a built in fresh water inlet and air inlet going to the air/water gun, 18 gpm pump is included.  

4 sizes of turntables available to fit most any application. A powder coated perforated sheet located under the turntable eliminates gasket materials and other foreign objects from falling into the reservoir.  
3 Sizes Available
50 Gallons
70 Gallons
100 Gallons 

Available in Stainless Steel 
Each Water Recycling Rinse Booth is designed with drop down doors for reducing sprayback on the operator
Door Up
Door Down 
Outside the Rinse booth is the hookup for the air and fresh water. This built in feature eliminates the need for water and air hoses to be laying on the ground. In addition a built in Recycle outlet is provided for moving water out of the rinse booth for recycling or reuse purposes. 
RB-50 shown with Studded Block, Doors Up 
Recycling used rinse water back to the washer is easy and only requires a piece of  1/2" hose 
This large capacity RB-100 gives you ample room for accepting 36" X 60" capacities
RB100 comes with a large 36" diameter turntable with a weight capacity up to 1000 lbs. RB100 turntable uses 4 outer roller supports for supporting any offset loads. Includes adjustable head rack for safely holding and supporting cylinder heads. Adjustable head rack is removable. 
RB100 You Tube Video
RB50 You Tube Video
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