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Model UP1437 Pro 
The Pro Model has seven 22" x 9" x 3" deep lined storage drawers for tooling and fixturing.
UP1437 PRO  Pressure Tester Specifications
Tank Construction……....………..16 Gauge Stainless Steel
Floor Space Required….......……74.5”L x 37”W x 72”H
Maximum Head Capacity…......14”W x 37”L
Maximum Lift Capacity….....….650 lbs @ 100 PSI
Air Requirements……….....….…80 PSI @ 3 CFM
Water Capacity ......................  90 Gallons​

The Pro Model uses a handy turning carousel for quickly locating 2, 3, and 4 cylinder, V-6 and V-8 applications. 
6 cylinder applications are stored under the wing of the air panel.
For preparations on the cylinder head before testing the Pro Model uses a pair of adjustable v-wing pegs for added convenience. 
To reduce the amount of dust in the water tank the Pro model comes with a removable dust cover to assist in maintaining a clean testing tank. A convenient storage rack is located on the end for safely stroing the dust cover when not in use. 
A dual 48" hooded light works great for getting a clear view of the work area on the Pro Model. In addition the Pro model includes a built in air gun with an adjustable air regulator and automatic oiling system.  
Finger tip controls located on the panel for ease of operation. Panel includes the up and down valves for operation of the air cylinder, and valve with regulator for controlling air into the cylinder head. 
Optional Equipment includes a dual air operated filter system for extending the water life inside the Stainless Steel Submerging Tank. 
Model UP1437 Pro with Optional 
OS-220C Filter  
Like all AXE Pressure Testers ​The Pro Model Pressure Tester delivers rapid set up time, universal acceptance, and submerging capabilities that will detect pin holes hidden far up into a port. By far one of the most profitable and quality control machines in today's cylinder head rebuilding industry
The Pro Model cradle system is powdered coated and uses stainless steel, non-corrosive bolts, inserts and lock handles for extended life and smooth operation. The cradle assembly can be rotated a full 360 degrees both IN and OUT of the stainless steel submerging tank for quickly pinpointing defects anywhere in the casting. All the Stainless bolts and inserts can be serviced with minimal effort. 
Backside View
6 Cyl 
Pro model includes 25 Universal Plates and a set of Diesel/Ag Plates. All plates are Lazer Cut, Powder Coated, and backed with a 40 durometer rubber die cut gasket. Included with each Pressure Tester is our Exclusive Plate application chart with over 150 applications.   
Air Panel 
Air Cylinder  
Pressure Testing Page
Dust Cover
Dust Cover Storage 
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