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2 x 2 Series Spraywasher

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Clean twice as fast with the 2x2 Combination Spraywasher/Hot Tank 

This exclusive 2 wheel drive design incorporates two 20" diameter turntables and a 32" vertical cleaning height and is powered by a 7.5 hp for fast and thorough cleaning. Two models are available. Both models include a built in hot tank for added cleaning. 
Like all AXE Equipment Combination Spraywasher/Hot Tank models, the turntable rotation is powered by a direct drive gear system that guarantees smooth rotation throughout the entire wash cycle. Twin spray manifolds uses radius style elbows and 36 spray nozzles for delivering 55  psi pressure and a massive 165 gpm of hot water flow. 
Loading and unloading is easy with AXEs' unique lay down door and roll out dual turntables.  The door catches and returns excess chemicals and rinse water to the reservoir, keeping your shop floor drier and safer.

All AXE electric heated machines come equipped with a low water controller that will turn the power off to the heater in the event of a low water condition. This added feature saves you money and down time by eliminating the cost and early replacement of the heating element.  
If gas heat is your preference you will like our exclusive state of the art power gas burners. Our power gas burner design puts all the components outside the fire box and away from heat. Components last longer, service is easier and maintenance cost reduced.  
For added protection AXE Equipment includes a protective gas burner cover that will keep all the grease and grime of the burner for ease of maintenance and extended burner life.  
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2 x2 Gas Heat OS Model
2 x2 Electric Heat HT Model
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